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Malinao Villa Construction

Malinao, Surigao del Norte, is a tranquil island destination with white sand beaches, facing the Pacific Ocean, famous for its internationally acclaimed surf breaks. Habitat Island Living designed and built this 124 square metre beach house with a 200 square metre roof, in just 9 days.

Malinao Beach House


Energy Efficient Low Cost Resort Rooms

The Malinao Villa was designed from the ground up to be environmentally sound. The project focused on the concept of a high quality, energy efficient, low cost construction, that could be built rapidly and with minimal impact on the eco-systems.

Malinao Villa Project Challenges

Only Habitat Island Living was able to commit to the time frame, quality and cost profile that met the needs of the villa at the same time as understanding how to design and construct, energy efficient resort rooms.

Beach Resort Rooms Construction


Once Habitat Island Living was engaged, designs for the beach resort rooms were finalized. While the state-of-the-art foam concrete, sandwich panel system components, that are the heart of each design, were being shipped, the resort room foundations and slab were prepared for construction.

Nine days after the shipment arrived, the beach house was ready for the finishing touches: roof shingles, glass for windows and interior finishes.

perfect Beach House


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