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International School Manila

When International School Manila need new facilities they typically want the construction accomplished during limited time-windows associated school semestral breaks, to avoid disruption to student activities. The state-of-the-art foam concrete, sandwich panel system components offered by Habitat Island Living offer the ideal solution.

Two new facilities were specified by International School Manila for completion during mid-2017: a 375 square metre, two-storey Back Of House building; and, a four-storey, link-building structure, comprising new toilet facilities for students and faculty.

Back Of House ISM


Habitat Island Living was contracted to supply and install the structures while the International School Manila was to prepare the foundation and undertake the architectural finishes.

International School Manila Project Challenges

Only Habitat Island Living was able to commit to the time frame, quality and cost profile that met the needs of International School Manila at the same time as understanding how to construct, energy efficient buildings.

Back Of House Construction

Back Of House glazing


The Back Of House building is primarily designed to function as the new guardhouse security station for the rear entrance to the International School Manila.

The foundations and slab were prepared ahead of time and Habitat Island Living moved in with materials and skilled manpower. Just 9 days later the 375 square metre, two-storey building was handed over to the School, ready for architectural finishes. All glazing for the facility was also supplied by Habitat Island Living Inc. - gas-filled thermal insulated double glazing.

Four-storey Link Building Construction

The Link Building is basically a new set of toilet facilities for students and faculty members. It sits neatly between two existing blocks with access to the four-storey toilet structure provided by covered walkways between the two blocks.

four storey toilet block


Once the foundation was cured, Habitat Island Living moved in with materials and their skilled construction team. Just 5.5 days later the four-storey Link Building was handed over to the School, ready for architectural finishes. The fixtures & fittings within the toilet block were supplied by Habitat Island Living Inc.

toilet block fixtures fittings


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