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Diwaran Island Resort Rooms Design

Diwaran Island, Coron, Palawan, is the perfect island resort. Habitat Island Living designed the rooms to be environmentally sound in terms of thermal insulation and minimal impact on the eco-systems of Diwaran Island. Diwaran Island Resort offers a space for peaceful contemplation and for imbibing Mother Nature.


Energy Efficient Low Cost Resort Rooms

When Diwaran Island Resort was designed from the ground up to be environmentally sound. The project focused on the concept of a high quality, energy efficient, low cost resort rooms, that could be constructed rapidly and with minimal impact on the eco-systems of the island and the pristine waters of Coron Bay.

Diwaran Island Rooms Project Challenges

Only Habitat Island Living was able to commit to the time frame, quality and cost profile that met the needs of Diwaran Island Resort at the same time as understanding how to design and construct, energy efficient resort rooms.

Beach Resort Rooms Construction

Once Habitat Island Living was engaged, designs for the beach resort rooms were finalized. While the state-of-the-art foam concrete, sandwich panel system components, that are the heart of each design, were being shipped, the resort room foundations and slab were prepared for construction.

The foundations and slab were cured and ready for the day that the shipment of state-of-the-art foam concrete, sandwich panels, architectural treatments and interior finishes arrived at the site. Habitat Island Living's team were able to set to construction work immediately: laying and securing the foundation track bar, erecting and securing the panels, installing windows and adding the roof trusses. Within a day each new resort room was erected, within another day the roof trusses were added and on a third day the roof and ceilings were installed. Finishes, and connection of plumbing & electrical works, took three more days . . . perfect timing for a seventh day of rest.

Never before had Coron witnessed such a rapid construction of resort rooms.

And there was another hidden benefit of using the foam concrete, sandwich panel system for construction that almost went unnoticed. The level of noise and pollution created by a team of three or four men erecting a sandwich panel building is virtually zero - no cement mixers or hammering - so the native wildlife of the island did not even know the construction was ongoing.

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