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Construction Materials & Methods

Most architectural designs can be rapidly transformed into finished building structures using sandwich panel system materials and construction methods. The primary advantages of building construction methods using our sandwich panel system, employing light foam concrete / fibre cement board sandwich panel materials, are: strength, speed of construction and modest cost.

sandwich panel design


If you are interested to know how sandwich panel system construction method may assist you, in meeting a time or budget constraints, then you need to contact Habitat Island Living today.

Sandwich Panel System Materials

The sandwich panel system materials utilized by Habitat Island Living are state-of-the-art. Designed to out-perform other historic sandwich panel system designs, and provide maximum acoustic and thermal insulation at the same time as withstanding external forces from wind and earthquake.

Advanced Sandwich Panel Structure

Each sandwich panel comprises a 1.2mm galvanized steel frame brace filled with 78mm of light foam concrete, and encapsulated with 6mm fibre cement board. The tongue-and-groove panel edges are part of the galvanized steel frame brace as is the unique hook-and-hole, interlocking panel fixing system.

sandwich panel structure


Our advanced sandwich panel structure means that we can complete the construction of each wall within minutes and whole buildings within a day or two. If faster building construction is important to you then you need to talk to us today.

Built-in Electrical & Plumbing Services

Based on the architectural design for a specific building structure, conduit for electrical works are built-in to the each relevant panel so that finishing can be accomplished by the electrician as fast as possible. Also built-in to each relevant panel are the hot and cold water pipes for connecting showers, washbasins and toilet flushes.

MEP Services


The primary advantages of built-in electrical and plumbing services are: faster connection and zero mess.

If faster connection and zero mess during installation of electrical and plumbing service throughout your building are important to you then pick up the phone or send us an email today.

Door Hanging & Window Framing

Because all the sandwich panels are installed plumb-line true, hanging doors and window framing takes just minutes. All the door hardware and window styles are specified by your architect, we provide the materials and design the sandwich panels to accept the door and windows.

Roofing Above Sandwich Panels

Once the walls are erected we add a ring beam that reinforces the structural integrity of the whole. On top of the ring beam we attach the A-beam and purline, further enhancing the structural integrity against the forces of wind and earthquake.

Watch Video Of Two Storey Building Method

This step-by-step method video shows how the unique Habitat Island Living, sandwich panel system construction method can be used for multiple storey buildings. Up to four-storey buildings are tried and tested.


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